Nude Project

We customized the theme extensively, collaborating closely with Nude Project to enhance their user experience with innovative solutions. The project evolved into a fully customized store theme.

Why upgrade to Shopify Plus

Why upgrade to Shopify Plus

Discover the benefits of upgrading to Shopify Plus, including enhanced features, advanced support, and exclusive tools designed for scaling your business efficiently. Learn how Shopify Plus can drive your e-commerce success.

Fabric of Society

Shopify Agency

This Shopify Store was founded in 2022. Fabric of Society is the e-commerce that brings to life the showcase with most luxury streetwear labels offer. They offer a variety of brands that are as well as unique, responsible and eco-conscious in their production and quality products.

Hunza G

We perform a full platform migration from WooCommerce to Shopify with customization of functionalities to upgrade the user experience.
Thanks to their amazing and skilled staff we were able to reach the migration and design customisation in less than a month, and we went live as soon as we could because for the customer the timing was really important due to the summer season. The website is designed over a paid Shopify theme and the customisation we did were to improve the user experience of product choices and visibility.

Cassandra Goad

We migrated the store to Shopify, configured a Shopify 2.0 ultimate template, and developed custom features to convey the luxury the brand deserves.

Hunza G

Shopify Template Configuration: Setup of a premium 2.0 theme with custom development sections for the Hunza G store. We upgraded their previous theme to a premium Shopify 2.0 template, ensuring the company has access to the latest Shopify updates.

Unveiling Shopify Winter Edition 2024

Discover the latest in Shopify’s Winter Edition 2024, featuring expanded variant limits, AI-driven innovations, and exclusive Plus features to keep merchants ahead in the e-commerce game.

Why Shopify is the best E-commerce platform

Discover why Shopify is the premier ecommerce platform for businesses of all sizes. Explore user-friendly design, robust features, and 24/7 support to grow your online store. Start your success story with Shopify today!