Anglo Italian

A fully tailored Shopify store crafted from Figma blueprints, leveraging cutting-edge Shopify 2.0 capabilities to deliver an enhanced user experience with sophisticated features.


For enterprise client Sabyasachi, we meticulously crafted a bespoke theme over three months, and, buoyed by positive feedback, are now preparing to add e-commerce functionalities.


MOU developed by MM Shopy Devs

Efficiently developed a custom store template for MOU in just 3 months, offering user-friendly design control.

Hunza G

We perform a full platform migration from WooCommerce to Shopify with customization of functionalities to upgrade the user experience.
Thanks to their amazing and skilled staff we were able to reach the migration and design customisation in less than a month, and we went live as soon as we could because for the customer the timing was really important due to the summer season. The website is designed over a paid Shopify theme and the customisation we did were to improve the user experience of product choices and visibility.

Fabric of Society

Shopify Agency

This Shopify Store was founded in 2022. Fabric of Society is the e-commerce that brings to life the showcase with most luxury streetwear labels offer. They offer a variety of brands that are as well as unique, responsible and eco-conscious in their production and quality products.

Desnuda Beer

We crafted an online store tailored to the brand’s unique style, guided by their Figma design. Our precision development ensured cross-device compatibility, creating a flawless shopping platform that embodies the brand’s aesthetic.

Nude Project

We customized the theme extensively, collaborating closely with Nude Project to enhance their user experience with innovative solutions. The project evolved into a fully customized store theme.

Duke + Dexter

Duke + Dexter enhanced their theme with UX/UI improvements and custom sections, emphasizing user experience, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The One Glove

Experience our remarkable website redesign expertise, featuring comprehensive improvements and innovative functionalities. We transformed critical sections, integrated a complex reward system, and exceeded expectations. See our client’s glowing review!

Bambi and Rose

Empowering E-commerce Excellence: Bambi and Rose’s Cutting-Edge 2.0 Template Setup, Tutorials, and Brand Personalization for Seamless Shopping Experiences.