Bambi and Rose

About the company

Welcome to the visionary world of Bambi and Rose, a brand driven by Rosella Daly’s passion for conscious consumerism and contemporary design. As the creative director, Rosella blends aesthetics with functionality in every product. Her journey began with a newfound consciousness about sustainability after the birth of her child.

Inspired by her travels and diverse cultures, Rosella infuses Bambi and Rose designs with global influences. The brand’s mission centers on environmentally friendly practices, responsible sourcing, and fair labor conditions, promoting style and sustainability hand in hand.

Bambi and Rose appeals to conscious consumers and style enthusiasts who support a brighter, more sustainable future. Each accessory reflects the wearer’s commitment to making a difference in the world.

In a world of fleeting fashion, Bambi and Rose stands as a beacon of purposeful design, where every piece tells a story and every purchase contributes to a better world. Thanks to Rosella Daly’s passion and creative vision, Bambi and Rose continues to flourish and inspire.

Shopify services we provided

Our Work

At Bambi and Rose, we took the initiative to set up a cutting-edge 2.0 template, meticulously applying the unique brand identity provided by the company. To ensure our customers’ independence and control over their store and template, we went the extra mile by offering comprehensive tutorials. These step-by-step guides empowered our customers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and personalize their online store. With our support and guidance, Bambi and Rose clients can confidently navigate the world of e-commerce, unleashing the full potential of their brand and creating a seamless shopping experience for their valued customers.

Anglo Italian

A fully tailored Shopify store crafted from Figma blueprints, leveraging cutting-edge Shopify 2.0 capabilities to deliver an

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For enterprise client Sabyasachi, we meticulously crafted a bespoke theme over three months, and, buoyed by positive

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MOU developed by MM Shopy Devs


Efficiently developed a custom store template for MOU in just 3 months, offering user-friendly design control.

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Hunza G

We perform a full platform migration from WooCommerce to Shopify with customization of functionalities to upgrade the

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