It’s lava

About the company

It’s lava was founded in the fall of 2019 with a vision to craft the quintessential accessory for daily life. They perceive fashion as a means of self-expression and empowerment, embodying both confidence and security. Thus, a handbag emerged as the ideal vehicle to fulfill their mission: to seamlessly accompany every woman through her everyday journey.

The inception of It’s lava stemmed from the persona of Sara Baceiredo, an indomitable force akin to a volcano. Confident, dynamic, and resolute, she epitomizes the essence of all those who possess an It’s lava bag—an embodiment of volcanic strength.

Much like a volcanic eruption, when It’s lava surges forth, it leaves an indelible mark, overcoming obstacles without restraint. This spirit defines It’s lava. And yes, in case you’re wondering, all their handbags bear the names of volcanoes.

Shopify services we provided

Our Work

The It’s Lava team presented a series of modifications they wished to implement, leading us to conclude that the optimal approach would be to switch templates. We opted for a Premium 2.0 Shopify theme that incorporated most of the desired changes. Additionally, we implemented a custom adjustment to enable separate display of the same products in different colors, while integrating swatches to provide customers with a comprehensive view of available color options on the product page. Furthermore, we integrated a custom font to distinguish It’s Lava from other e-commerce platforms, aligning the theme with the shop’s branding.

It’s lava
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I had a fantastic experience working with Mica and Marco. From start to finish they were clear and easy to understand in every aspect from design and technical, through to lead times and payment. They really understand what is required to sell products at a certain price point and how to make the website look great design wise but also for ease of use. Mica was quick to respond to any queries and made short videos to explain any of the back end, technical stuff I was struggling to understand and was always polite and courteous with my many questions! When the sight was complete, they were still on hand to iron out any last minute issues and we had a follow up call for any queries where they also gave me some invaluable SEO advice. Highly recommend!

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