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About the company

Oliver, the Founder of KnitIQ, embarked on his journey in 2015 when the hustle and bustle of London left him yearning for change. He discovered his passion while in Bali, where a chance encounter with a knitter named Amber sparked his creativity. This newfound inspiration led him to establish KnitIQ with a mission to provide top-notch blocking solutions for knitters, crocheters, and lacework enthusiasts worldwide. Underpinning their growth is a commitment to collaboration with customers and industry experts, continually seeking ways to improve their tools. Oliver welcomes feedback and ideas to enhance the blocking experience and invites visitors to explore their product range, expressing gratitude for their support. In the world of KnitIQ, Oliver’s dedication fuels innovation and community engagement, making crafting more enjoyable for enthusiasts everywhere.

Shopify services we provided

Our Work

We executed a comprehensive migration, transitioning from Woocommerce to Shopify while enhancing the website’s design and functionality. The client required user-friendly landing pages and blog posts with advanced designs, leading us to choose Shogun as our solution. We made various modifications to the original theme, incorporating custom features on the product page.

Hunza G

Shopify Template Configuration: Setup of a premium 2.0 theme with custom development sections for the Hunza G

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Nude Project

We customized the theme extensively, collaborating closely with Nude Project to enhance their user experience with innovative

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Anglo Italian

A fully tailored Shopify store crafted from Figma blueprints, leveraging cutting-edge Shopify 2.0 capabilities to deliver an

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