Palisades Canyon

About the company

Palisades Canyon, founded by Jordan Moore, is an American gifting company that provides both individuals and corporations with the opportunity to curate personalized gift boxes featuring high-quality products. Their mission is to offer the perfect gifting solution tailored to the unique preferences and needs of each recipient.

Shopify services we provided

Our Work

We provided valuable assistance to the client by implementing a gift builder function, which streamlined the process of creating gift bundles. We conducted various modifications across different sections of the website to enhance user-friendliness. This included optimizing the gift message function and introducing custom functionalities such as the option to discreetly hide specific products used in the bundle builder from the front store.

Palisades Canyon
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I have found my developer! Marco is super easy to communicate with and he's great at problem solving. He also saved me a ton of money by coming up with a solution for my problem that I hadn't thought of before. You won't regret hiring him.

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