Amanda Marcucci

About the company

Amanda Marcucci’s brand is inspired by her love for travel and exploration, reflecting in her jewelry designs that tell stories through vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and cultural influences from around the world. Combining fashion with sustainability, Marcucci works with local artisans in Florence, ensuring ethical and sustainable production. Every piece embodies Italian craftsmanship, supporting traditional skills and minimizing environmental impact. The brand passionately contributes to wildlife conservation, making each purchase a step towards supporting endangered species.

Shopify services we provided

Our Work

For Amanda Marcucci, we introduced a new Shopify theme, prioritizing user experience to streamline and clarify the user journey. Initially, the website suffered from a disorganized structure, making navigation difficult. We established a premium theme, leveraging the latest Shopify technologies, to lay the groundwork for the site’s transition to the marketing phase. This preparation aims to maximize the conversion rate by optimizing it from a user experience perspective.

Amanda Marcucci
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Mica y Marco han hecho un trabajo maravilloso con mi nuevo sitio web. No podría estar más feliz, hicieron todo lo posible. Se han tomado más tiempo para explicar los problemas y solucionarlos. Son muy pacientes y claros al explicar cómo aprovechar al máximo mi marca.

Hunza G

Shopify Template Configuration: Setup of a premium 2.0 theme with custom development sections for the Hunza G

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Nude Project

We customized the theme extensively, collaborating closely with Nude Project to enhance their user experience with innovative

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Anglo Italian

A fully tailored Shopify store crafted from Figma blueprints, leveraging cutting-edge Shopify 2.0 capabilities to deliver an

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