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We're experts in Shopify store setup and website building, dedicated to creating beautiful, efficient online shops for new and existing businesses.


We craft visually appealing, highly effective online stores using premium themes, providing continuous support and guidance throughout your journey.

Our team of Shopify Website Designers can help you to build your e-commerce store. We will guide you throw the process and help you to transform your dream project of having your own E-commerce Shop into reality.

Shopify Store Setup Service


Why Opt for a Professional Shopify Store Setup Service?

Choosing a professional for your Shopify store setup is key to maximizing Shopify’s capabilities, optimizing your store for conversions, and ensuring it adheres to the latest e-commerce standards.

With our Shopify web design service, we will focus on getting the best out of your investment and get your eCommerce live in the shorter time possible. We will guide you through each step sharing our experience helping you to prove your business concept. The final result will be a professional-looking website ready to sell online.


The price and services included in our Shopify Builder

Our Shopify website builder service starts from £1800 and is a journey of a few weeks where we will not only create your store but also guide you through many other aspects of having a Shopify Store.

Shopify Store Setup Service price and services
Shopify theme customization


Need something beyond the template's capabilities? No problem for our development team!

Our team is equipped to handle all your store needs. Whether it’s tweaking the theme, adding functionalities, or introducing new designs, our development team is ready to offer prompt assistance.

For more details, explore our Shopify Theme Customisation service. And for a completely tailored solution, consider our Shopify custom theme service.


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Let's explore the process and examine its various stages in detail

Starting the setup of a Shopify theme is an exciting journey. We’ve visually outlined each stage and step for easier comprehension.

Custom Shopify Theme planning stage

1. Discovery and Planning

At the outset of every Shopify project, our team prioritizes understanding your unique needs and establishing a clear direction. After thoroughly grasping your goals and requirements, we provide an initial cost estimate.

Subsequently, our Shopify web designers embark on the preparation phase, developing a timeline and strategy.

We regard this as a crucial step in setting up your Shopify store. This is where we future-proof your store and select the most suitable solutions to maximize your theme’s potential.

In the final step, we’ll focus on theme selection. Our experts will present you with various template options, explaining the pros and cons of each and conducting tests to ensure nothing is left to chance.

2. Shopify account setup

For newcomers to Shopify, we conduct a basic initial setup of your account, including installing key apps and configuring essential elements for the next step. This ensures we test all Shopify functionalities, even those you might not need immediately.

If you already own a store, we’ll conduct a comprehensive review to ensure it’s utilizing the latest Shopify technologies and that the setup aligns perfectly with the functionality of your new theme.

Custom Shopify Theme design stage
Custom Shopify Theme development stage

3. Shopify store setup

At the core of our service, our Shopify web designer will install your chosen theme and start setting up each page and section of your new store.

We organize the Shopify store setup into sprints, with each sprint focusing on a different store component (such as the header, menu, footer, homepage, product page, etc.). Our specialist will ensure you approve each sprint before moving on to the next, keeping you constantly informed about the project’s progress and its evolving shape.

During this phase, our Shopify web designer will stay in close communication with your team, seeking feedback and suggesting effective solutions.

Understanding that this process can be daunting for store owners, we’ve refined our approach over the years to make it as seamless and straightforward as possible.

4. Content replacment

After completing the Shopify store setup, we’ll move on to uploading content, replacing the placeholder material used by our Shopify store builder. During this phase, we’ll also provide training to your team on the theme and Shopify’s usage. This is your chance to get acquainted with the theme’s features and learn essential Shopify tasks like creating products and collections.

At the end of this stage, your store will be fully shaped and ready to launch. It’s the most exciting moment!

Shopify Store Setup Service content replacment
Shopify Store Setup Service

5. Launching the Store

Now that the theme is in place, the Shopify store setup is complete, and your team has arranged all administrative aspects like fulfilment services, including conducting test orders, we’re ready for the next step.

We’ll schedule a launch date, ideally at the start of a week, when our team will be on hand to assist with any needs during the launch of your store.

Any questions? Just ask!

Please, feel free to ask any question, try to be detailed and include any information that can be useful. you can use our contact form or email us at info@mmshopydevs.com. To contact us by WhatsApp click here.


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