4 reasons Shopify why is one of the best e-commerce platforms

You’ve got a product and you want to sell online. But with so many options available where do you start? And similarly, how do you go about building an e-commerce store?
Shopify is not only mobile-friendly it’s quick and easy to get set up and selling online. It’s now one of the most popular e-commerce platforms available and here are a few reasons why:

Easy-to-use visual interface

With Shopify, it’s easy to get up and running straight away with a basic store design. The e-commerce platform offers loads of customisable templates to choose from but one of the best things about Shopify is that it makes life easier for the seller.
The interface is clean, user-friendly and intuitive as everything is logically structured. You can manage your website without needing to know how to code and you can make changes and add new features with just a few clicks.
However, if you do want to add more complex features you can always hire a Shopify Expert or web designer who can optimise your store for best performance and improved functionality.
The more technical ‘coding-interface’ is located separately to the main user-interface but the ‘store owner’ section lets interact with your developer so you can manage and coordinate activities with ease.

App store

When compared to other e-commerce platforms Shopify boasts one of the most extensive App Stores out there. You have access to hundreds if not thousands of free and paid for apps which can be used to help you with business functions such as marketing, social media and customer services.

The Shopify content management system (CMS) means you can create new pages, and boost your online profile by integrating social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.
With Shopify you never have worry about software updates and because you’re not spending your time dealing complex technical details so you can concentrate your energy on building your business.

Safe & secure

If you’re running an e-commerce store you want your users to trust you. Luckily enough Shopify offers a range of security systems to help you and your customers feel safe and secure. One example is SSL certificates which show your customers that their online experience is encrypted and that they’re protected from hackers when shopping online.

 What’s more Shopify hosts shopping carts on a Level 1 PCI DSS server. In simple terms, this means your data, and your customers’ credit card details are safe and secure at all times. And if you’re worried about your own security, the company stores backups of all your data, so if your site crashes at any point you won’t lose anything.

Marketing tools

You might have an amazing and attractive website but if no one visits it doesn’t mean a thing. Shopify’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) feature helps get you noticed and listed at the top of Google searches.

Furthermore, the Shopify app store offers a range of marketing tools including MailChimp and Google plugins product reviews and email marketing. It’s analytical tools let you identify where your visitors come from which can, in turn, help you adapt your marketing activities ultimately making them more effective.

Pro Tips

If you decide to go for an expert designer, don’t rush on creating the account by yourself.

Each Shopify Expert is in posses of a platform, provided by Shopify, where they can develop your website. In this way, you will not have to pay the Shopify monthly fees until when the website is ready to be online! The developer/designer will be able to give you a unique preview link where you can check at any time the progress.

Once the website is ready, you will open your Shopify account ( with a fresh free trial of 14 Days ) and the developer will migrate all his work to your account. The development process can take time, so why pay Shopify during this period?

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