Why upgrade to Shopify Plus

Why upgrade to Shopify Plus

As experienced Shopify Experts, we frequently encounter inquiries from our clients about upgrading to Shopify Plus. While numerous articles discuss this topic, few address the perspective of existing Shopify store owners curious about the new features Shopify Plus offers.

Key Benefits of Shopify Plus

We’ve compiled a list of the most significant features of Shopify Plus, based on extensive research and documentation:

  1. Target Audience: Shopify Plus is best suited for medium to large stores, with Shopify recommending a minimum annual revenue of $1 million. This ensures a solid return on investment (ROI) from the Plus plan, which starts at around $2,000 per month.

  2. ROI Factors: Shopify Plus provides both active and passive ROI benefits. For instance, lower transaction fees and Checkout scripts actively generate revenue, while additional services offer passive value.

  3. Priority Support and Account Management: One of the most valuable features of Shopify Plus is the 24/7 live chat for priority technical support, supplemented by personalized account management. This level of support, which includes migration and ongoing operational guidance, is exclusive to Shopify Plus users.

  4. Checkout Scripts: A significant upgrade from the standard Shopify offering, Checkout Scripts in Shopify Plus allow for advanced customizations at checkout, such as upselling, automatic gift offerings, and adding custom fields. This feature alone can justify the upgrade to Shopify Plus.

  5. Reduced Payment Fees: Shopify Plus users benefit from lower payment fees on transactions made through Shopify Payments. Shopify claims these fees are the lowest across all its plans.

  6. Wholesale Channel (B2B): Shopify Plus enables a seamless blend of direct-to-consumer and wholesale transactions within a single store, or a dedicated B2B store. This includes customer-specific pricing, payment terms, and tax exemptions, all manageable within Shopify’s admin interface.

  7. Comprehensive API Integration: The platform offers expanded API and SDK options, facilitating deeper integrations with ERP, 3PL, OMS, PIM, and IMS systems. Additionally, unlimited sandbox environments and robust developer resources make Shopify Plus more suitable for complex, custom e-commerce solutions.

  8. Shopify Audiences: Exclusive to Shopify Plus, this tool enhances digital ad performance by targeting the right buyers efficiently. It leverages Shopify’s commerce insights to create custom audience lists, optimizing ad strategies on platforms like Facebook and Google.

  9. Shopify Launchpad: This tool is designed to manage and automate events like flash sales or product launches. For instance, beauty retailer Pure automated its sales events with Launchpad, saving 12 hours per deployment, which they could then reinvest in other business areas.

  10. Nine Free Expansion Stores: Shopify Plus offers nine additional storefronts at no extra cost, aiding in international expansion and market segmentation. This feature simplifies managing multiple storefronts, significantly boosting global business presence.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Are you considering an upgrade to Shopify Plus and seeking expert guidance? Our team is here to facilitate your journey. By contacting us, you can leverage our expertise and experience as Shopify partners. We offer a unique opportunity: when you use our referral to Shopify Plus, we will organize a meeting for you with a Shopify Plus representative, absolutely free of charge.

During this meeting, we will be present to assist you with any technical queries, ensuring that all your concerns are addressed comprehensively. Our involvement ensures that you get the most out of your interaction with Shopify Plus, helping you make an informed decision about upgrading.

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your e-commerce experience with Shopify Plus. Contact us today, and let’s take the first step together towards elevating your online store to new heights.