Hunza G

We perform a full platform migration from WooCommerce to Shopify with customization of functionalities to upgrade the user experience.
Thanks to their amazing and skilled staff we were able to reach the migration and design customisation in less than a month, and we went live as soon as we could because for the customer the timing was really important due to the summer season. The website is designed over a paid Shopify theme and the customisation we did were to improve the user experience of product choices and visibility.

Nude Project

We customized the theme extensively, collaborating closely with Nude Project to enhance their user experience with innovative solutions. The project evolved into a fully customized store theme.

Hoioh Design

Hoioh, a Shopify store, underwent a custom design based on client mockups. We advised on design tweaks, led front/back-end development, and integrated scroll animations. Completed in Dec 2019 with a polished, user-friendly outcome.


Comprehensive store redesigns and custom functionalities for complete control. Elevate your online presence with our services.

Proud Cabaret

We perform a full Shopify Store setup with a theme 2.0 and several theme development customizations in order to improve the UX of the store


We’ve collaborated with Ferian since 2021, customizing their previous theme. However, due to limitations in functionality and design, we recommended upgrading to a 2.0 theme. During the transition, we aligned the template with their branding, made minor design customizations, integrated Shopify Apps for improved functionality, added a custom font, and set up metafields for product description tabs.

Palisades Canyon

We helped the client by adding a gift builder function for creating gift bundles. We improved user-friendliness with various site-wide modifications, optimizing the gift message feature and allowing the discreet hiding of specific products in the bundle builder from the front store.

Maya Magal

We revamped our client’s theme by adding content controls, tailoring collection lists for mobile, and designing a custom mega menu. We crafted a unique blog design with built-in controls, negating extra apps. The testimonials section was upgraded with mobile adjustments, and we granted complete control over background video playback on all devices.

Fields Good

The client approached us with a store that was in a somewhat unfinished state, plagued by a bug-riddled theme due to prior developers. We took on the task, updating the theme and mirroring the design they previously had on WordPress. Additionally, we rectified all existing issues and bugs.

Vertex Watches

The project encompassed multiple redesigns across various sections of the store, in addition to introducing several requisite functionalities. We offered our “full control” development approach, granting the client complete authority over each element we crafted.